Caliblini Personal Chef Service

We are what we eat.
Eating well can make us healthier and happier people. In California we are blessed with an abundance of high quality fresh organic local produce each season of the year. We owe it to ourselves to eat the very best. Because we can.

Caliblini Personal Chef Service is dedicated to bringing delicious, beautiful and healthy foods to your homes, while saving valuable time of your life and relieving stress from that age-old question of 'what's for dinner?'. Leave the menu planning, cooking, and kitchen clean-up to me, and enjoy home cooked meals with your family and friends whenever you want them.

My services include:
  • Personal Chef - tasty homemade meals prepared to your liking in your own kitchen; perfect time saving option for busy professionals,  families, people with special diet requirements, and just about everyone
  • Dinner Parties - hire a chef for home dinner parties, barbeques, picnics
  • Cooking Classes - building your cooking confidence while having fun in the kitchen
If you would like to enjoy everyday healthy and tasty meals without spending all the time and energy on menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning the kitchen, contact me.

Clients say:

"My everyday commute is an hour one-way. After a long day at work, and an hour in San Francisco traffic, it feels very good to come home and know that there is a selection of my favorite dishes waiting for me to sit down and enjoy the dinner. No matter how late it is.
She also packages the meals so that they are easy to take to work for lunches.
Now I only go out to eat when I feel like it.

Y., Mill Valley

Polina's cooking for us has changed our life style in three important ways.

First, the food is outstandingly tasty, stylish, and diverse. This creates quite exquisite feeling of a food fest that continues every day.

Second, my wife and I got much more free time because cooking time, shopping time, or time to pick up food from a restaurant has been simply returned to us and we can spend more time with each other and our family.

Third, healthy and diverse food with no artificial sugar and no refined flour helped me to stay fitter than I have ever been last 10 years.

S., Burlingame