Back to school special: kid’s lunches

This September, I am offering to make lunches for your kid to take to school, at no additional charge. With each family meal service, I will prepare and package five lunch boxes for the week. The choices may include:

– Fruit salad

– Whole-grain pasta salad

– Turkey and cheese sandwich

– Cucumber and tomato sandwich

– Grilled vegetables

– Roast chicken

– You tell me whatever your kid likes to eat…

The best way to pack your kid’s lunch is in an insulated lunch bag, with an ice pack to keep it at a safe temperature. I can bring you a cute lunch bag and an ice pack (a small refundable deposit applies). Add a small cartoon of fruit juice or milk, and a bag of dried fruits and nuts to munch on.

Later in the season, as the weather cools down, consider sending the kid to school with an insulated jar of hot soup or stew.

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