What’s for dinner next week

In my weekly menu suggestions, I try to stick to the “meatless Monday” tradition: this lightens both the menu and the grocery budget, and it also gives at least one useful suggestion to a vegetarian reader. This coming Monday, however, is St. Patrick’s day. So I offer you the baked brisket for St. Patrick’s – an older tradition than meatless Mondays – and make Thursday meatless instead.

Menu ideas for the week of March, 17, 2014

Green pea soup with garlic and mint

Roasted beef brisket
Braised cabbage with bacon

Salmon, sorrel sauce
Cauliflower gratin

Limehouse chicken
Quinoa with almonds

Portabello mushrooms stuffed with vegetables and Parmesan
Farro risotto

Pulled pork
Garlic and herbs smashed potatoes

Limehouse chicken

Carrots and peas

Salmon with sorrel sauce

Location:San Rafael, CA

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